Jason’s Monster Van

Grand Tour

This sticker is my absolute favorite thing about the new van.

dscn0625Here it is close up so that you can read it.


Once I put a rack on top we are going to need 8 feet of clearance with an empty rack, and 12 feet of clearance when fully loaded.

My Civic is so afraid of the new van that it is hiding.

This is what the driver seat looks like from the front passenger’s seat. Perfectly respectable. The van is clean enough that I think that even KaeLynn will approve.


Here are a few shots of the 12V (with AC adaptor) cooler/heater that comes with the van and that fits between the front seats. I am totally going to be able to live in this thing.

dscn0628 dscn0629

Here’s a picture of the crew quarters. Those seats go on forever. We are going to need a stewardess. The seats all look amazing. The ceiling sags a bit though. I am trying to decide whether I believe that is on purpose or not. When they put in all of the lights and air vents (each seat has a light and air vent just like on a commercial passenger jet) I think that they may have just left too much slack. Either way, it’s plenty clean.


Mats like these go everywhere. Taking a picture of all of them would be too much work. You probably get the idea with these two pictures.

dscn0632 dscn0631

The front is a little rough. There’s no denying that this van and I have a lot in common. With are both big and ugly. She’s bigger, I’m uglier.

On the bright side, I imagine that when people see that grill bearing down on them they are likely to get out of the way. I could run over my Civic without even noticing, and it probably wouldn’t even make the paint look any worse.


It is impossible to get a feel for how big this vehicle is without seeing it in person. It is ridiculously imposing. I tried to give you a sense of how large the van is with this shot. I am actually in the picture, to help give it some perspective. Unfortunately, I am too small to be easily seen. I am the dark spot right under the driver side door.