Winter Camp: February 2018

On Friday February 9th the leaders and boys from Troop 490 headed out for our annual winter camp out.  This year the event was planned by Spencer Cottle and the boys in the Deacon’s Patrol, and we went up to a property owned by Spencer’s parents.

We had a good time and no one died.

The plan was to leave at 5:00 P.M., but like most plans some of the boys had to come up later.  This is the group that left from the Church.

From left to right: Spencer Cottle, Zachary Keyes, Jonas Brandow, Jason Earl, Jared Howard, Alexandr Case, Sam Howard, Nathan Howard.

Scouting involves all sorts of adventures, some more adventurous than others.  Personally, sleeping outside in February is adventure enough for me, so I was glad to see that we would be camping here.

We were joined on location by Karl Petty, and his sons Miles and Hunter.  He also brought up Collin Brandow.  We ate burritos that night, had a devotional, and then the wind started to blow, and it became clear that standing out in the weather was not the best plan.  So we went to bed.

As an aside, you have to like boys that are smart enough to get out of the weather, even if it requires going to bed.

As per normal it snowed during the night.  I haven’t been on a camping since I have moved to Utah where there wasn’t some precipitation.

Not a lot of snow, but my precipitation streak continues.
Karl Petty dressed for Arctic conditions.
Jonas always makes freezing look so easy.
Sam Howard and Zachary Keyes taking down a tent in the wind.
Hunter Petty was supposed to be taking down a tent. Instead he is chillin’ like a villain.
The chicken coop made a nice windbreak.
Here I am (Jason Earl) with Karl Petty burning sour dough pancakes.