Lazy Weekend (Day 1)

Last summer the older Scouts went on a 142 mile bicycle ride (and we floated the Colorado, but we did that as a ward, so it doesn’t count).  This year they want to go down to Lake Powell and go boat camping.  Of course, I am thrilled.  Adventures on the water are my favorite types of adventure.  However, we don’t have any boats, and we don’t have a lot of money to spend on boats or boat rentals. Continue reading “Lazy Weekend (Day 1)”

And it Came to Pass…

It has been pretty quiet on the boat front around here.  It has been too cold to actually go boating, and I have been too busy to build a boat for some time.  I have an article, mostly done, about some leeboard repairs that I have been working on.  I also have a second mouse boat, completely cut out, that is nearly ready for assembly.  I simply ran out of 3/4 inch strips of Douglas Fir that I need to put it together, and I haven’t had time to bug my neighbor into ripping some more for me. Continue reading “And it Came to Pass…”