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  • Mast Repair (Part II)

    Mast Repair (Part II)

    A few weeks ago, I repaired the top of my mast.  The fix was pretty straightforward, I took a bit of Titebond II, some sawdust and some wheat flour and used it to replace a big chip out of the top of my mast.  I then wrapped the whole thing with Fibatape and glued that…

  • Mast Repair

    Mast Repair

    As I mentioned in my article on the camping trip to Scofield Reservoir, I broke the top fitting on my mast in the trailer on the way up to the camp site.  It was, of course, my own fault.  I was in too big a hurry packing up the trailer.  We were behind schedule and…

  • My Phone Walked the Plank

    OK, the title of this post is perhaps a little misleading.  My phone did not actually walk the plank.  It just got a little wet. Perhaps an explanation is in order.

  • Puddle Duck Racer Refit — Leeboard

    I am not a naval architect, but designing boats is sort of fun.  My pdracer is inexpensive enough that I am more than happy to experiment, and at some point I am hoping that experimentation includes some racing.  To me, that’s the beauty of the Puddle Duck Racer.  They are easy and inexpensive to build,…

  • Puddle Duck Racer Refit — Gunter Rig

    Puddle Duck Racer Refit — Gunter Rig

    Nephi’s Courage sports a nifty gunter rig, and I really like it.  The rig allows me to sport a ridiculous amount of sail area on spars made from 12 foot 2×6 boards.  Yes, 12 foot spars don’t fit in the boat, but they do fit well on top of my minivan. Of all of the…

  • Puddle Duck Refit — Rudder

    Puddle Duck Refit — Rudder

    I built my puddle duck racer with a Michalak-style kick up rudder, and I still think that was a pretty good choice.  However, the place where I typically launch is shallow for a good distance, and I did not take the time to install a lanyard that would allow me to pull the rudder blade…