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  • My Phone Walked the Plank

    OK, the title of this post is perhaps a little misleading.  My phone did not actually walk the plank.  It just got a little wet. Perhaps an explanation is in order.

  • About Time — Sail Report June 23 2015

    About Time — Sail Report June 23 2015

    I had mentioned before (in passing) that my wife was pregnant.  Well, now she isn’t pregnant.  Samuel Hyrum Earl was born just before midnight on May 20th.  It was a pretty exciting day.  KaeLynn had an emergency C-section and everything.  On the bright side Sam is here now, and everyone is safe, and I have…

  • First Boat Outing 2015

    First Boat Outing 2015

    The stars finally aligned, and I got my boats out on the water for the first time this year. The day got off to an inauspicious start. Eliza had a bad cough, Abby wasn’t feeling well, and Stella, well Stella is always a little difficult. However, Eliza and Abby have been dying to try the…

  • Mouse Boat One — Details

    Mouse Boat One — Details

    This last summer, while picnicking (and sailing) at Lake Cleveland we met a really nice family that let my children paddle some of their Lifetime “Wave Junior” kayaks. The kids had so much fun with these boats that I realized that I had to get one. Not only would this give the opportunity for the…