I Have a Journal

For the last 16 years or so I have kept a journal.  It’s a beautiful document.  I used LaTeX so the layout is beautiful, it has an index, table of contents, footnotes, list of figures, the whole shebang.  I’ve migrated it from one difference version control system to the next over the years, and so I have every edit ever made, and a sanitized branch for sharing with other people.  I have reused entries from it numerous times, and I often refer back to it when my wife and I have a disagreement about how something happened in the past (she’s generally right, but I get points for being able to provide the proof).  Plus, I can write, update, and build my journal using the same tools (and techniques) that I use when building software.  I would bet that your journal doesn’t have a Makefile, for example, and Emacs makes writing LaTeX sort of fun.

Still, when it comes to sharing your journal with someone else paper doesn’t really cut it any more.

Since I currently work as a Systems Administrator for BlueHost.com I thought I would try out WordPress.  It seemed the thing to do.  I might very well switch to something more Emacs-friendly in the future, but I have no idea what that would be.

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