Mast Repair

As I mentioned in my article on the camping trip to Scofield Reservoir, I broke the top fitting on my mast in the trailer on the way up to the camp site.  It was, of course, my own fault.  I was in too big a hurry packing up the trailer.  We were behind schedule and we had a lot of gear and boys to get on the road.  The lag screw on the top of the mast simply wasn’t designed to have those sorts of unequal forces applied to it.  I spent a bit of time trying to decide how I was going to fix the mast (or maybe make a new one), and then I decided that the thing to do was to fix the mast the same way I fix all of the problems that I have had with Nephi’s Courage, use more Titebond II! Continue reading “Mast Repair”

Scofield Reservoir Scout Campout (Wed Aug 29 to Sat Sept 1, 2015)

I had some camera issues this trip, so this post will be mostly text.  That is unfortunate, because there were a lot of really cool memories that probably need a picture.

First of all, some background.  I had been planning a trip this particular weekend for over a year.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this particular weekend was chosen before KaeLynn got pregnant.  I wouldn’t know, however, as I am very bad at remembering dates.  I just know it was a long time ago.  At one point this trip was going to be a trip to the Scofield Scout Camp, at another point it was going to be a white water rafting trip. Continue reading “Scofield Reservoir Scout Campout (Wed Aug 29 to Sat Sept 1, 2015)”