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  • Utah Lake Hike

    Utah Lake Hike

    On Wednesday the young men went for a walk along the lake. The weather is finally not horrible. At long last it feels like Spring.

  • Young Men’s Encampment 2022

    Young Men’s Encampment 2022

    Here are the pictures that I took from the Young Men’s Encampment this year. It was a good time, it was nice to take the boys out camping again. The stake did an absolutely wonderful job planning an executing. All I had to do was show up. The food was great, the activities were fun,…

  • Fishing Expedition

    Fishing Expedition

    This morning the Teachers and Priests of the Park Fourth Ward went fishing at Manila Creek Pond. Brother Dye has been teaching the boys to fly fish, and we wanted to see how they did when pitted against real life fish. We met at the church house at 7:30 AM, and then drove the short…