Fishing Expedition

This morning the Teachers and Priests of the Park Fourth Ward went fishing at Manila Creek Pond. Brother Dye has been teaching the boys to fly fish, and we wanted to see how they did when pitted against real life fish.

We met at the church house at 7:30 AM, and then drove the short distance to this awesome urban pond in Pleasant Grove. I missed the fly fishing training session, and so I decided to use a spin casting setup instead of a fly fishing pole. Unfortunately I forgot the top half of my normal pole, and so I had to use one of my kid’s poles. It worked well enough.

I did not get a picture of Nathan Howard, but he was there.

After fishing we went adjourned to my house to clean the fish. The boys were actually pretty enthusiastic. I expected them to be squeamish, but they weren’t. Once they were shown what to do they were more than happy to get their hands dirty.

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