Lazy Weekend Chine Logs

Another weekend, a bit more progress on the Lazy Weekend Canoe.

I didn’t have a lot of time, but I did manage to put together just enough time to put the chine logs on. Bending the chines did reveal that one of the pieces of lumber that I hoped to use as a chine log had a big knot it in near the end. I broke the piece testing it. There is no way that it would have bent to the shape that I needed. That means that I am going to need to scarf some lumber. I am currently drawing up a jig in Librecad that should allow me to easily cut the scarfs that I need. We will see how that goes. Continue reading “Lazy Weekend Chine Logs”

Edge Joining Plywood

This weekend was not the laziest weekend ever, but it did involve some work on my Lazy Weekend Canoe.  Although most of the weekend was dedicated to watching the kids as KaeLynn took Brooklyn to a dance competition, I did have a bit of time for boat building.  For one thing, I was able to edge join the plywood panels for the Lazy Weekend canoe that I am building.  I also got all of the marks made for where the seats go.  It turns out that there are some obvious problems with the plans.  The seat heights are switched for both the aft and forward seats.  The first version of the Lazy Weekend Canoe. Continue reading “Edge Joining Plywood”

Winter Camp: February 2016

We decided that a warm up winter camp was a good idea this year.  Not only would this allow us to get in another camp out during the winter time when things are normally pretty quiet, but it would also allow the boys a chance to test their gear and knowledge against a lower altitude location before heading off into the mountains.  The one public campground that stays open all winter long in the area is the Willow Park Campground.  This time of year there is always room, and it has a heated bathroom that they keep really warm. Continue reading “Winter Camp: February 2016”

Lazy Weekend (Day 1)

Last summer the older Scouts went on a 142 mile bicycle ride (and we floated the Colorado, but we did that as a ward, so it doesn’t count).  This year they want to go down to Lake Powell and go boat camping.  Of course, I am thrilled.  Adventures on the water are my favorite types of adventure.  However, we don’t have any boats, and we don’t have a lot of money to spend on boats or boat rentals. Continue reading “Lazy Weekend (Day 1)”

And it Came to Pass…

It has been pretty quiet on the boat front around here.  It has been too cold to actually go boating, and I have been too busy to build a boat for some time.  I have an article, mostly done, about some leeboard repairs that I have been working on.  I also have a second mouse boat, completely cut out, that is nearly ready for assembly.  I simply ran out of 3/4 inch strips of Douglas Fir that I need to put it together, and I haven’t had time to bug my neighbor into ripping some more for me. Continue reading “And it Came to Pass…”

Mast Repair (Part II)

A few weeks ago, I repaired the top of my mast.  The fix was pretty straightforward, I took a bit of Titebond II, some sawdust and some wheat flour and used it to replace a big chip out of the top of my mast.  I then wrapped the whole thing with Fibatape and glued that down as well.

I wasn’t at all sure that it was going to work, but I did hope to get at least one more sailboat outing out of it.

In that regard the repair was a complete success.  I took most of my kids on what was probably the best sailboat outing of the year.  The strong winds also made for an excellent test of the repair, as I pushed the boat about as hard as I could. Continue reading “Mast Repair (Part II)”

Bird Island II

I really wanted to get in one more sail boat outing before winter set in.  And so when the opportunity to go sailing presented itself on Saturday I jumped at the chance.  Even better, most of the Earl crew decided that they wanted to go with me.  KaeLynn (my wife) doesn’t like small boats.  Of course, she didn’t mention this to me until I was half way finished building Nephi’s Courage.  Otherwise, I would never have taken up sailing as a hobby.  Brooklyn (my oldest) is too busy for small boats, and Sam (the baby) is too small to be considered as crew.  So they didn’t go with us.  However, even when the Earl clan is down three members there are still enough of us to fill a Puddle Duck Racer and a Mouse Boat to the point where it is probably dangerous to sail. Continue reading “Bird Island II”

Mast Repair

As I mentioned in my article on the camping trip to Scofield Reservoir, I broke the top fitting on my mast in the trailer on the way up to the camp site.  It was, of course, my own fault.  I was in too big a hurry packing up the trailer.  We were behind schedule and we had a lot of gear and boys to get on the road.  The lag screw on the top of the mast simply wasn’t designed to have those sorts of unequal forces applied to it.  I spent a bit of time trying to decide how I was going to fix the mast (or maybe make a new one), and then I decided that the thing to do was to fix the mast the same way I fix all of the problems that I have had with Nephi’s Courage, use more Titebond II! Continue reading “Mast Repair”